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Principle:Electromagnetic induction
Liner material:Rubber ,PTFE ,PFA,Teflon
Electrode material:SS316L,Hastelloy alloy,Tantalum,Titanium
Output:4--20mA output, Pulse output
Display:English LCD display
Accuracy:+-0.5 ,+_1 ,+_0.3
Connection:Flange, Thread ,Wafer ,Plug in
Power supply:220VAC ,24VDC ,battery
Warranty:12 months

The electromagnetic flowmeter (magnetic flowmeter) are excellent product with outstanding reliability and ease of operation,developed on the basis of decades of field-proven experience. 

Electromagnetic flowmeters are suitable for measuring the flow of almost all electrically conducting liquids,pastes and slurries. A prerequisite is that the medium must have a minimum conductivity of 5 uS/cm. The temperature,pressure ,density and viscosity have no infulence on the result . 

The main applications of the electromagnetic flowmeters can be found in the following sectors: 

Water and waste water 

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries 

Food and beverage industry 

Mining,aggregates and cements industries 

Pulp and paper industry 

Steel industry 

Power,utlity and chilled water industry 

The wide variety of combinations and versions from the modular system means that the ideal adaptation is possible to each measuring task .        -


Fast response and high stability.

High Accuracy, 0.5%, 0.2% for flowrate

Dual cavity housing to separate electronics part from wiring part.

AC power supply common use (85~265vac).

High visible backlit LCD for easy operation.

Communication: e.g. RS485, RS232C, HART, Profibus,MODBUS etc.

BI-direction measuring and totalizing


Measuring Range

The velocity range is 0.3m/s to 15m/s. The minimum measurable speed can be one percent(1%) of the full range.

Analog Output

Current output: fully-isolated 0~10mA/4~20mA

Load resitance: o to 1.5k; 4~20mA, 0~750 at 4~20mA

Base error: add minus 10uA on top of the measurement error

Frequency Output

 Frequency output is proportional to the flow percentage of the full range. It Provides fully isolated transistor open collector frequency output

 ranged from 1 to 5000hz, the external Dc power supply should not exceed 35V and maximum collector current is 250mA.


Pulse output

    The converter can output up to 5000cp/s pulse series, which is dedicated to external totalization. Pulse factor is defined as pulse width is 

    selectable from 16ms, 33ms, 66mm, and so on. 

P  Hotocoupler isolated transistor open collectr circuit is used for pulse output. The external Dc power supply should not exceed 35V and 

     maximum collector current is 250mA. 

Showing Flow Direction&Range

The converter is capable of measuring both forward and reverse flow and recognizing its direction.The converter output 0Vlow level for 

forward flow,while+12V high level for reverse flow.

Alarm Output

Two channel of phptocoupler isolated open collector circuit are used for alarm signal output.There are two alarm outputs :high limit alarm 

and low limit alarm.The external DC power supply should not exceed 35V and maximum collector current is 25OmA.




The RS232C, RS485,HART,PROFIBUS ,MODBUS Communication interface are embedded in the converter.Surge absorber is optional to protect the interface and converter.


Damping Constant:Damping time optional from 0.2 to 100s.

Input Contact:External contact ON or OFF singal can be used to remotely control the start/stop or reset of internal counter.

Display Function:

Flowrate can be displayed either in engineering units or in percent of span.Totalized volum in any engineering unit can be displayed by setting a totalizing factor.

Self Diagnostics Function:

Converter failure ,flow tube ffailure ,erroneous setting,etc.can be diagnosed and displayed.

Data Security During power Failure:Data storage by EEPROM-no back-up battery required.

Electrical Connection:M20*1.5  ISO M20*1.5 FEMALE

Case Material:Aluminum alloy 

Coating:Polyurethane corrosion-resistant coating.Protection:IP65.IP66,IP67,IP68

Sensor Material:

Housing:Stainless steel(SUS304) ,Carbon steel(SPCC)

Flange: Stainless steel(SUS304) Carbon steel(SS304)

Pipe: Stainless steel(SUS304)

Wetted Part Material:Lining:Rubber ,PTFE ,PFA

Electrode: Stainless steel(SUS316),HastelloyC, HastelloyB,Titanium,Tantalum,Platinum

Normal Operating Conditions:

Ambient temperature:-20 to 60 ,Ambient Humidity: 5 to 95%RH

Power Supply Voltage:85 to 265VAC,Power Supply Frequency:47 to 63HZ

Fluid Conductivity:20Us/cm at least

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