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Max Contact Rating:10W / 50W
Max Voltage:100VDC /220VDC
Max Current:0.5A /1.0 A / 1.5A
Max resistance:100mΩ
Temperature Rating:-20°C~120°C
Installation:vertical or horizontal or side
Thread size:G 1/2 or negotiable
Connection:Screw or Hersmans joint
Cable length:400mm or negotiable

The working principle of the float level switch is direct and simple, usually set a point or a few points of Reed Switch in a sealed non-magnetic metal or engineering plastic tube.And then fix the float ball with magnetic system builtin in the position of reed switch which in the tube body, letting the float fluctuate within a certain range. Using of the magnetic system of the float ball, activate the reed switch to open or close through the tubebody. In the result of producing switching action and control the level.





Float level switches are widely used in electronic, electrical, chemical, water treatment, drainage and other industry of level control and alarm.




a.Acid and alkali resistant materials: PP, PVDF, NYLON, NBR etc..


b.Stainless steel SUS304, SUS316, max working temp.350℃, max proof

 pressure 60kg/cm2


c.PP switch body length can reach 120mm~400mm, the length can be adjusted

 according to your water tank, switch body is durability.


d.Multiple wires: electrical wire or cable wire, PVC, XLPE, PTFE materials.


e.Multiple installations, dimensions, from M8~M16, 1/8" ~ 1/2",PF/PT/BSP etc..




1.Excellent life expectancy and reliability



2.Good quality,Quickly delivery,Reasonable price



3.Specialized in all reed sensor 

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