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Principle:Magnetic Flapper level
Range:200--6000mm customized
Pressure:0---40 Bar
Temperature:-20--200 centigrade
Connection:Flange DN15--DN25
Material:SS304 ,SS316,PVC,UPVC
Power supply:24VDC or 220VAC
Output load:750Ω

UHZ series magnetic level meter is for on-site level indication, use float as measurement unit, the magnet drive turned column showing the level without energy. It can work from low temperature to high temperature, from vacuum to high pressure, high viscosity, corrosion and so on. It measure the level safely and reliability. Under various environments to measure the liquid, the whole process of measurement without blind spots, display eye-catching, intuitive readings, measuring range.

Products matching upper and lower limit switch output, remote alarm can be realized, limit control.

Products matching remote transmitter can be level, industry-bit signal into the two-wire 4-20mADC standard signal, to achieve long-range detection, direction, recording and control.

According to the installation site in the container to provide side loading, top loading, top-mounted side were three types. According to different working media, provide stainless steel, stainless steel lined with PTFE, ABS, PP-R, PVC, UPVC and other materials, including stainless steel, PTFE lining, ABS, PP-R, PVC, UPVC material for acid and alkali Corrosive media.

Magnetic sub-level gauge is based on the buoyancy principle and the principle of magnetic coupling work. Float tube with the liquid level in measuring the rise and fall and move up and down the permanent magnet in the float through the magnetic coupling to drive the red, white cylinders flip 180°, liquid level gauge to rise, turning from white to red column, a decrease of By the red to white, in order to achieve level instruction.

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