Float switch

Name:Float switch
Max Contact Rating:10W/ 50W
Max Switching Voltage:100VDC /220VDC
Max Switching Current:0.5A /1.0 A
Max contact resistance:100mΩ
Temperature Rating:-20°C~120°C

  • Float switch

Product Description


1.Excellent life expectancy and reliability 
2.Good quality,Quickly delivery,Reasonable price 

3.Specialized in all reed sensor 

This is a kind of level switch, it can be used in level control, level measurement and  home appliance level control to control the liquid level and it can be installed in many kinds of liquid. There are two kinds of metarials,they are plastic and S.S. Also there are two types installations: vertical and side-mount. And every type can be customized, such as body length,float size and cable length.

Floating ball and floating ball body is made of PP plastic  or stainless steel, floating ball body product power a 10 w and 50 w two specifications, widely used in enviro-nmental protection air conditioning, humidifier, water machine,coffee machine, spraying equipment, water treatment, cleaning machine, watercrafts, papermaking, printers, household applia- nces, water level control, and other fields and industries. Products for vertical installation, fixed screw for M8. M10. M12, can be applied to oil and water do not produce corrosion of PP such as liquid, temperature-20-120 ℃

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