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Purpose:Measuring wind speed
Operation Voltage:5VDC or 24VDC 12~36VDC(suggest 24VDC)
Testing range:0.5m/s~50m/s
Start wind speed:≤0.5 m/s
Ambient Environment:Temperature:-30°C~70°C
Power supply:12-36VDC or 5VDC
Environmental Protection:IP65
Wind limit:Max 70m/s 30min
Temp range:-20-80 centigrade
Accuracy:+_0.5m/s +_3
Warranty:12 months


Wind speed sensor use metal enclosure, corrosion resistant and strong anti-wind capability 

Sensor fault-tolerant design, sensor will not be damaged even wrong wiring. 

Hermetic design, can be used in harsh conditions. 

wide supply voltage range(f 12-30VDC) 



Working aloft testing and control 

Engineering machine testing and control

Weather station and environment protection testing and control

Port and wharf environment testing and control

Other industrial automation about wind speed and direction testing and control 

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