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Name:Temperature Gauge
Principle:Bimetal Thermometer
Bezel:SS 304 stainless steel, hermetically sealed or detachable
Movement:Bi-metallic coil
Bezel:SS 304 stainless steel, hermetically sealed or detachable
Accuracy:+/-1.5 full scale standard; +/-1 full Scale Available
Range:From -80 C/0 C And 0 C/550 C (customized)
Pointer:Aluminum, painted black
Lens:Glass standard, Shatterproof Glass Len Is Available
Dial Size:5
Stem OD:Stem OD
Fillable:Silicon oil or glycerine available
Field:Pipeline,surface,industrial,oil,chemical,power station,marine,etc.

Product Description


Case: corresistant SS304 case and bezel. Designed and constructed to provide a hermetic seal IP65,which prevents fogging and damage caused by to the worng components.

Dial : aluminum with white matt finish ,flat or dish type.It offers accurate indication of C and F scales . 

Window: clear and strong glass ,gasketed to maintan weather tight integrity .

External Reset: standard on all process grade bimetal thermometers.

There is screw on case back side allows to field calibrate the thermometer .This feature guarantees maxium accuracy at a selected area of temperature range . 

Bimetal Element : an extremely responsive temperature sensing element which has been carefully sized and tested in order to ensure continued accuracy .

Warranty:SINCERE INSTRUMENT offer 12months quality warranty . 


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