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Principle:Adjustable bimetal thermometer
Direction:Mutli angle
Dial size:3 to 6 inch
Case material:SS304
Bezel:SS304 hermetically sealed
Pointer:Aluminum, painted black
Movement:Bi-metallic coil
Stem OD:6.35mm

Adjustable Bimetal Thermometer ,Every angle Thermometer  

Description : 

These series of thermometers are designed for installation in pipes ,vessels ,plant and machinery.   

Stem and case are made of stainless steel 304 .

To allow fitting to the process ,different insertion lengths and process connections are available .   

Scale ranges:  -40+60 centigrade  to 0-600 centigrade   

Accuracy class: 1.6,1.0
Design: Stem with thread
Pressure rating, max in bar of thermowell/stem: 25
Wetted parts: Stanless steel
Connection: Lower, center back, every angle, 1/2", match thermowell crimped ring
Case material: Stainless steel, adjustable at black
Window: Glass

Applications : 

Chemical and petrochemical industry ,Power engnieering .Food industry  Machince building and general plant construction 

Field :Pipeline ,surface ,industrial , oil , chemical , power station , marine etc.  

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