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Principle:Temperature transmitter
Signal input:RTD TC resistance mV
Signal output:4-20mA | 1-5V(customized)
Power supply:12-36VDC
Range:-50-150 degC
Communication:HART or negotiable
Configuration:PAD or PC
Response time:≤1s
Cold junction compensation:Build-in
Input type:PT100/K/J/E/N/T/R/S/B

PT-100 Temperature  transmitter module Descriptions 

Temperature transmitter module is with 24V power supply, two-wire system of integrated transmitter. Products adopts imported integrated circuits, the thermal resistance or thermocouple signal amplification and conversion into 4-20mA or 0-10mA output current, or 0 ~ 5V output voltage. One armored transmitter can directly measure the gas or liquid temperature is particularly suitable for low temperature range measurement, to overcome the condensation of water on the impact of temperature measurement.

Main Features 
Thermal resistance measurement range: PT100:-200~650℃;CU50:-50~150℃
Thermocouple measurement range: K type:300~1200℃; E type:200~800℃;S type:600~1600℃
Output siginal: 4-20mA,0-10mA,0-10V,0-5V
Measurement accuracy: Thermocouple measurement:0.2~0.3% Thermocouple:1~2%
Temperature drift: 0.025%/℃
Power supply: +12VDC or +24VDC±10% Work environment: 0~70℃ Storage Conditions: -40~+85℃

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