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Principle:Temperature transmitter
Range:-50-- 250 centigrade
Power supply:10--36VDC
Ouput signal:4-20mA,0-5V, 1-5V ,RS485
Accuracy:+_0.2FS , +_0.5FS
Insulation Resi:100MΩ/250VDC
Material:Probe SS304 SS316
Probe diameter:6mm ,10mm (customized)
Probe length:5mm, 10mm, 50mm (customized)
Display:None, LED ,LCD etc

SIN-L80A temperature transmitter is made up by a temperature sensor and a signal converter. The signal converter is installed in the cold junction box of the temperature sensor, and directly converts the voltage and resistance signals detected by the temperature sensor into a 4-20mA current output.


The structure is simple, easy to install, use and maintain. It is a new generation of temperature detection and control instrument, which is well received by designers and users. 


At present, it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power station, light industry and other departments, and is used with regulators, recording instruments, computers, etc. to form various measurement and control systems.

This temperature transmitter adopts imported sensitive componets with sepcial integrated circuit process .It has analog 4-20mA output and RS485 communication .  It has the characteristics of +_0.2%FS high accuracy , high stability and long working life  .  

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